Funding Strategies

Benevolent Missions International’s dream has become a reality as a result of the support of countless individuals, businesses, community charitable organizations, corporate and private foundations, and various religious entities.

BMI is a non-profit, tax exempt, publicly supported organization. Your tax deductible contributions are welcome and appreciated. Please select a level of sponsorship. Contributions may be given for general mission funding, for a specific country project, or equipment.

Levels of Sponsorship

Benefactor $5,000 and over
Grand Patron $1,000 to $4,999
Patron $500 to $999
Sponsor $100 to $499
Donor $25 to $99

Contributions from Religious Organizations and Religious Adjucatory Bodies

All requests to such entities are made via personal contact by Dr. Price, Rev. Williamson, or any BMI volunteer who has an association with the entity of whom the request is made.

Contributions from Individuals

Requests will be made by Dr. Price, Rev. Williamson, and volunteers (including medical team members) by person to person contact of friends, acquaintances, and financially able individuals known for an interest in such charitable projects. A brochure explaining the overall purpose and goals of BMI, the personnel involved, the projects requiring funding, and the categories of financial contributions will be given to each potential donor.

Contributions from Charitable Organizations such as Civic/Service Clubs

Requests will be made by Dr. Price, Rev. Williamson, and volunteers (including medical team members) by presenting brief talks to organizations to which they belong and by giving prepared talks(of approximately thirty minutes) with visual aids consisting of either slides of project sites with volunteers at work or videos of the same. Brochures specifying the activities of BMI will be handed out at these presentations.

In-Kind Donations

Dr. Price and several of the medical personnel volunteers have established contacts at pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment supply companies such that requests for medications and expendable medical supplies may be submitted via a phone call to the appropriate contact. BMI will express appreciation in writing for each donation to maintain this ongoing relationship.

Recycled eye glasses are collected by many churches, community organizations, and the Lions Club for this mission work. Most of this is given without solicitation. Maintenance of mission-site medical equipment is serviced by volunteer personnel from medical equipment companies. Requests are made directly to personnel already in an established relationship with Dr. Price.

How You Can Help BMI

* BMI is a non-profit, tax exempt, publicly-supported foundation.
* To make a financial contribution or to volunteer your time, energy, or expertise, contact us.


In 1986, at the invitation of the Ministry of Health of Belize and the Methodist Church of Belize, the volunteers who would later become BMI were invited to provide ophthalmic care for the northern region of Belize. Read more...


From an association with Rev. Veramu Tora serving as a missionary in Belize and working with BMI team members there, BMI was invited to send eye teams to this South Pacific island, which at that time had only one ophthalmologist. Read more...