Benevolent Missions International (BMI) is a non-profit organization
Dedicated to providing needed ophthalmic care to the underserved in many areas around the world.

Benevolent Missions International was founded by C. Downey Price, M.D., F.A.C.S., and B.T. Williamson, M.Th.

During the past quarter of a century, over 1500 volunteers have worked together, contributing their time, energy, money, and expertise to bring critical medical care to those in need. More than 100,000 men, women, and children have received care from BMI in areas around the world where eye care was previously not affordable.

More than 100 missions trips have been made to


 El Salvador


Costa Rica



BMI Mission Trips

BMI returns to Fiji! This November, BMI will be sending a team back to Sigatoka, Fiji. Our team is excited to return after a 3

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BMI provides healthcare education and medical/surgical clinics by:


volunteer healthcare professionals and lay personnel


cost free healthcare services


essential equipment and supplies


local healthcare workers to medically care for their people


mission sites with educational materials for on-going training

The goal of BMI is to ultimately develop each site into a self-sufficient mission, with well-equipped healthcare facilities staffed and operated by local medical personnel and volunteers. This takes time, manpower, dedication, and funding.

BMI welcomes your support in all these endeavours!


In 1986, at the invitation of the Ministry of Health of Belize and the Methodist Church of Belize, the volunteers who would later become BMI were invited to provide ophthalmic care for the northern region of Belize.


From an association with Rev. Veramu Tora serving as a missionary in Belize and working with BMI team members there, BMI was invited to send eye teams to this South Pacific island, which at that time had only one ophthalmologist.